essence white

Trendiness and modernity

Done in a minimalist, Bauhaus style, this line of watches definitely takes after its predecessors’ design. It is made unique, however, by the materials that are used for its construction. Around 70% of the materials used for the cases are derived from sustainable resources. The most amazing of these resources? The oil from the wonder tree which is usually associated with cosmetics extracted from the seeds of this plant, then used to produce the materials that go into making the cases.

Here, the classic dial of the Swiss railway clock, with its iconic red seconds hand and distinctive hour and minute hands, is highlighted by an exquisite white case. For the strap, we chose a high-quality textile like those used to make contemporary furniture, and a natural cork lining. Done in a selection of fresh pastel colors, the straps go perfectly with the sophisticated white of the case. Changing them is quick and easy, and requires no tools whatsoever!

The essence line comes in two sizes – women with delicate wrists or a penchant for feminine style will want the watch with a 32-mm diameter, while those who like to show off a larger watch can go for the 41-mm version. In keeping with the “sustainability” concept, even the packaging is safe for the environment. Its material is made from recycled PET bottles and can be reused to make a case for a smartphone or sunglasses, for example.