Mondaine Helvetica No1 Smart Watch, Limited Edition


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Mondaine has reinterpreted Swiss history for the 21st century by placing smart technology in its collection inspired by the iconic Helvetica font.

This watch is limited to 1957 watches, a nod to the year Helvetica was created. Unique touches on the special edition include an engraved "1 of 1957" on the side of the case and red typographic details on the sub-dial (displaying the date, activity and sleep tracking) as well as accenting on the back of the case.

Inside all Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smart watches is the latest in smart technology focused on monitoring activity and sleep, featuring Motion activity tracking, Sleeptracking sleep monitoring, sleep cycle alarms, get-active alerts, adaptive coaching and automatic time alignment all the data from which can be backed up and stored in the MMT cloud.

With the Activity Tracker, you can keep track of daily steps, calories burned and total distance. Setting a fitness goal is easy, simply select a pre-set step goal for light, moderate or intense activity or set a custom step goal for your day.

Wear your watch at night or put it under your pillow to record your sleep. Sleeptracking provides details on how much time you spent in deep sleep, light sleep, or awake. With the sleep cycle alarm, you can feel more revitalized by setting a time window for your smart sleep alarm. The watch will wake you up during your lightest phase of sleep.

Be on time around the world. When connected to your smartphone, your smartwatch automatically sets the precise time and date traveling to a new timezone.

The watch does not need to be recharged regularly, boasting a 2+ year battery life. It uses the horological smartwatch platform, power Motion, which manages the bi-directional communication between the watch and whichever device, be it phone or tablet, it is connected to via the downloaded app. The smart devices must run on Android 4.4 or iOS 8 and newer in order to be compatible with the MMT-365TM App.

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Your Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch works in conjunction with a smart device such as a smartphone or a tablet. The smart devices must run on Android 4.4 or iOS 8 and newer in order to be compatible with the MMT-365TM¬" App. Your watch and your smart device communicate via Bluetooth, sending measured data such as steps and sleep patterns to the smart device. The smart device sends data such as time corrections, alarm and goal settings to the watch.

The use of the MMT-365TM¬" end-to-end solution of Fullpower Technologies Inc.TM, the transmission of the data to your mobile device and the storage and analysis of your information are governed by the terms and conditions of the end user license agreement of Fullpower Technologies IncTM. Mondaine is not a party to this end user license agreement and assumes no liability for the MotionTM¬" technology and the processing and use of your data transmitted with the MMT-365TM¬" solution. In order to be able to use the MMT-365TM¬" App you must accept the end user license agreement and privacy of Fullpower Technologies Inc.TM


  • Model number: MH1.B2S80.LB
  • Function: Smart Watch
  • Movement (type): Smart
  • Case size/diameter (mm): 44.00
  • Case material: Stainless steel brushed
  • Case back: Caseback with screws
  • Crown: Regular Gasket
  • Crystal/Glass material: Sapphire crystal
  • Water resistance (m/ft/atm): 30 / 100 / 3
  • Strap/Bracelets material: Genuine leather
  • Width at lug (mm): 20.00
  • Origin: Swiss Made