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Ihr Leitfaden 2022 für den Kauf von nachhaltiger Kleidung und Accessoires

Your 2022 guide to buying sustainable clothing and accessories

As consumers, we are now more aware than ever of the impact our everyday choices have on the environment. For example with the clothes and accessories that we buy. Many of us strive to change something and only buy sustainably.

Some brands, including Mondaine, are also making changes: launching more sustainable products or switching to eco-friendly products entirely. While this is a huge achievement for those working to make sustainability mainstream, consumers now need to be more informed when shopping for sustainable clothing and accessories. This will help us avoid greenwashing, i. H. unsustainable products marketed as “green”.

Here are two important questions to ask before purchasing an item, even if it's labeled as sustainable.

Questions to ask yourself when buying sustainable fashion

When shopping, keep in mind that not every website or every visitor to a store has the right answers immediately. At Mondaine we are constantly working to put more information online to be more transparent and communicate our commitment to sustainability.

So don't be afraid to go one step further. Reach out to the brand on social media or send an email. Brands that are committed to helping their customers live sustainably are usually more than willing to provide more information. The responses you receive will help you determine if an item really is an eco-friendly option.

What materials are the items made of?

The item you purchase should be made from ethically sourced, biodegradable materials. So when you buy a shirt, you should avoid pure polyester and other synthetic materials. By this we mean that these garments and accessories are not made from materials that are recycled or reused in any way.

Look for biodegradable materials like cotton, linen, bamboo, hemp, food and fruit by-products, and so on. And if the item or accessory was made using synthetic materials, make sure they have been recycled or reused. At Mondaine, for example, we use recycled PET for our textile straps and give these materials a new life away from landfill.

How long do I plan to use this item?

No matter how eco-friendly a fashion item is, it will still be thrown away if you don't use it responsibly. Avoid buying trendy items that will quickly go out of style. Instead, choose things that you will use for years. Extend the life of your fashion items by taking good care of them and sending them in for repairs when necessary. If you decide to stop wearing them, see if you can recycle or reuse them.

Are you interested in a classic watch for your sustainable wardrobe?

The Mondaine signature watch with our grape straps is a must-have for both the eco-conscious and the fashionable because we can be both.

The grape leather straps are made from upcycled wine by-products (so no small grapes are harmed in our process), recycled and naturally degradable materials. These bracelets are then assembled using vegan glue. Our eco-friendly materials help us create watches that don't further pollute our biosphere. All our watches are made in our factory in Biberist using up to 80% solar energy. Mondaine also prides itself on being carbon neutral.

With our vegan grape bracelets there is something for every style. Each bracelet is made and assembled from high quality materials and colored with water-based dyes. We designed the bracelets to be good for both the people who wear them and the planet.

We also offer repairs and recycling programs because we don't want a watch to end up in a landfill. Are you looking for your next watch? Look at yourself here the classic grape collection.

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