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How we drive change

Powered by Nature

With our state-of-the-art photovoltaic solar system built in 2019, up to 80% of our energy needs are met by the sun's renewable energy. The rest? Supplied by a local hydroelectric power plant, ensuring our operations remain as carbon neutral as possible.

Circular economy

For decades, we've collected and recycled materials like paper, cardboard, plastics, and watch components, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. As part of this philosophy, we also offer free watch recycling in our factory in Switzerland, where we dismantle them and send the parts to recycling firms. Even watches from other brands are welcome, except for their plastic ones.

Our Collaboration

We have been collaborating with various non-profit organizations supporting their important work: Fairventures, Gulagula, Smiling Gecko und Water for Water. Dedicated to the responsible reforestation of endangered regions, particularly the rainforests of Indonesia's Borneo Island, Fairventures is committed to find solutions that go beyond reforestation and offer long-term social and environmental solutions. By supporting the important work of these NGOs, we are able to offset the emissions we cannot avoid.