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Umstellung der Produktion auf Solarenergie

Switching production to solar power

Since its foundation in 1951, Mondaine is known for its innovative spirit. In addition to numerous new technical developments, such as one of the world's first digital watches at the beginning of the 70s, the Swiss family-owned company is today one of the industry leaders in the field of sustainability. From September 2019, all watches will be mainly produced by solar-power in the state-of-the-art watch factory in Biberist Switzerland.

2019 - Switching production to solar power

Mondaine consistently pursues this subject further and is, since September 2019, commissioning its own photovoltaic solar plant on the roof of the Mondaine factory. This means that we are now able to cover around 80% of our own electricity requirements. In the summer months, the plant will even be able to deliver electricity to the power station with its 802 m2 solar cells. The new solar system is an important milestone for Mondaine, enabling the company to use mainly solar energy.

We care means, we take responsibility with a corporate culture that inspires our employees, trading partners and consumers to think and act consciously. The aim is to raise awareness that each individual's contribution to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world is important. With our products and our actions, we as a family SME are an ambassador for this lifestyle. »          André Bernheim, Co-Owner of Mondaine Watch Ltd.  


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