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Mondaine lässt Händler CO2-neutral werden


The Mondaine Group engages itself for decades already for sustainability, thru better materials, PV solar power on its Swiss factory, comprehensively co2 neutral (scope 1,2,3) since 2020.

And now, we are proud to announce having made the first retail store entirely co2 neutral, Harnisch in Hamburg.

Also in Zurich, we are happy to announce that we were able to make the watch retailer Central co2 neutral. We handed over the corresponding certificate on September 2nd. More retailers in Germany and Switzerland are already scheduled to become climate neutral with our certificates which we purchased specifically for this purpose from Gula Gula reforestation project.

To our knowledge this is a novelty in the retail world, and is another great step forward in sustainability - We try to go ahead with a strong example also for others to follow. Good for you - good for the environment.

Please see the media news in the brand new report from Swiss Gold'or magazin, as well as the German edition of WatchPro here.

The full sustainability report for the year 2021 is online now too, with information on our eco balance sheet and further achievements.

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