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Wanduhren für verschiedene Räume

Wall clocks for different rooms

Wall clocks not only tell the time, but are also a decorative element in any room. Depending on the design, size and functionality, different types of wall clocks are suitable for different rooms. Here are some wall clock suggestions that will work well in different rooms of your home: 

  • A wall clock in the office should have a clear and easy-to-read display and show the time accurately. Ideally, it should have a quiet ticking to avoid annoying noises in the office. 
  • In the kitchen, a wall clock should be functional, easy to read and durable. A kitchen wall clock should also have a design that matches the overall decor of the room. A simple, traditional analog clock with large digits looks great in the kitchen. Watches with a timer, stopwatch or temperature display can also be useful when cooking and baking. 
  • In the living room, a wall clock can serve as an eye-catcher and decorative accent. A clock with a unique design or intricate details can create conversation and add character to the room. A large clock with prominent numbers or Roman numerals is also a popular choice. For a more modern look, choose a watch with a minimalist design or a digital display. 
  • In the dining room, a wall clock can complement the decor of the room while providing functionality. A clock with a simple, classic design works well in a formal dining room, while a clock with a more eclectic design can add a touch of personality to a casual dining area. Clocks with a chime or a melody can also create a pleasant atmosphere during mealtimes. 
  • In the hallway, a wall clock should be functional and easy to read. A clock with a simple design and large numbers is a practical choice. Alternatively, a clock with a decorative frame or unique shape can add visual interest to an otherwise plain hallway. 


Mondaine's iconic, minimalist style for your home  

  • The Stop2Go is the ideal watch for the office. An important hallmark of the Swiss railway station clock is the smooth movement of the second hand, which reduces the noise level. The distinctive red second hand stops at 12 o'clock for 2 seconds, allowing the minute hand to jump gracefully to the next minute. This peculiarity of the stop2go movement is generated by two motors: one turns the second hand, the other advances the hour hand and jumps the minute hand. 
  • All Mondaine wall clocks have the classic Official Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) design, characterized by an easy-to-read dial and a minimalist / industrial look. You can choose between 5 different colors (red, black, silver, gold and copper) and 2 sizes (25cm or 40cm) depending on the interior or style of the room. 
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